Homemade Candles from Cookie Cutter Molds

Ok Budgeteers what do I have for you today!? A quick and oh-so-easy (and fun!) decorating idea. Homemade candles from cookie cutters!

Back in the early nineties I started to make my own candles similar to how the pioneer women did years ago by using the 'dip' method. Dip by dip by dip I made long taper candles that no, we didn't really 'need' but they were so fun and I loved the idea of doing something that my ancestors had done a hundred years ago. I moved on from those to later making cute little tea cup candles where you use an old tea cup and melted wax and a birthday candle to make the most adorable little gift or home decor. Later I tried my hand at floating candles made in muffin tins and around that time came across another way to mold them; cookie cutters!

Todays idea is one that I originally saw in a Martha magazine years ago.


Cookie Cutters of simple shapes
Masking Tape
Baking sheet
Store bought candle wax or pieces, bits and ends of used candles to melt down
(beeswax works best for this style but you can use other wax and work with it)
cooking spray
metal tab wicks
color pellets or scents (if you choose to use them)

Coat the inside of the cutters with cooking spray (or petroleum jelly) do not get any on the outside of the cookie cutter. On the outside you will run a long piece of masking tape around the entire outside of the mold, going around corners and smoothing down. Half of the tape is to be on the cookie cutter and the other half hanging 1/2 inch over the bottom. Using a pair of scissors, snip the tape at each corner so you can 'bend' the tape up and place the cutter flat on a cookie sheet or baking sheet (parchment lined of course). The tape holds the cutter in place perfectly and forms a seal for the wax to stay inside the mold.

Place your wax or used candles in a double boiler over just barely simmering water. As wax melts, stir it and remove the old wicks if you are using old candle bits. Add color or scent according to directions on the packages if you choose to use them. When the wax is pourable (a thin film will coat the sides of the pan and the spoon).

Pour into the cutter molds on the lined baking sheet or board. Add a small store bought wick and let harden (about 2-3 hours). Remove by pressing through the mold. If they aren't popping out easily you can place them in the freezer for a few minutes to help them pop out.
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