Quick, Homemade Stepping Stones (or Garden Stones)

We have a rock area in the front of our home, just to the side of our front stairs where I have never been able to get anything to grow. This year my 'plan' was to get a large urn or concrete bird bath and place it in the area but our household budget never allowed for the $75-100 that a good, heavy, quality urn/flower or birdbath would require. We get extremely high winds here and the cheaper versions just won't cut it.

This morning I was thinking that perhaps I would just add a few little decorative items like a concrete frog or other garden figures as they are starting to go on clearance at the local hardware stores, and then I remembered the quick and easy stepping stones I made with the kids a few years ago for the Grandparents. What a perfect little stone to put by our front walkway!

To make them on the smallest budget I could I bought a package of quik-crete at the hardware store for about 2 dollars.

I used some blue stones from our old fish aquarium, some little marbles from the kids toy box and cookie cutter letter forms we already owned (since I make cookies - often - and have a lot of different shapes!).

You can purchase stones and rock at your local dollar store for a buck - or hit your nearest pet supply store.

I used round cake tins that I had lined with foil and pulled the foil off after they had set up. This time around I will use a disposable aluminum cake tin as I will easily be able to remove it from the mold and toss it away.

Prepare the concrete mix per directions on the bag by adding water. Start to add your decorative marbles, glass, pieces of broken tiles, even small toys - whatever you want to add! Once the concrete sets up just a bit and isn't too watery you can then add words either by scratching in with a stick or similar item, or by pressing in cookie cutter letter shapes.

Let set according to the package directions. Turn out, turn over and continue to let dry completely before moving.

What a cute addition to your walkway or garden and they make great gifts for the grandparents too!
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