Using Paper Illusions

Although it's hard to find you'll still see "Paper Illusions" around and if you have a wall you would love to do 'something' to on a little budget and you don't really want 'wallpaper' this might be the answer.

About 3 (?) years ago I bought Paper Illusion Wallpaper - Burnished Gold and did our main floor bathroom in it. I loved it! Loved it so much I did a wall in the master bathroom as well. As I've mentioned before I've been thinking of different design ideas for our 2nd upstairs bathroom which I think of as 'the kids'. A few days ago I came upon the leftover Paper Illusions and decided it should be just enough to do the tiny wall above the shower enclosure. (I was wrong... but that is going to be a whole other post! LOL).

Instead; let me offer this. You buy a box and you get enough paper to do 1 small bathroom or if you are just doing 1 focus wall you can do 2 bathrooms or 1 bedroom, kitchen, family room, etc. It's so EASY to use that if you have children, your 7 year old child could help you ... and not mess up!

The only thing you have to be careful about is using a straight edge of the paper against the top of the wall near the ceiling, and against the straight edge corner. After that, you simple rip the paper, dip in water and place it on the wall, overlapping the pieces just a bit so there are no empty spaces. You can't mess it up... I swear!

Take a plain wall;

Use the straight edges of the pieces of wallpaper to do around the edges of your wall;

Start to fill in with ripped pieces of wallpaper;

Keep applying until the entire surface is covered;

Cheaper than wallpaper and it goes farther too! I found that Amazon still carries it and in many different colors!

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