Bring Back May Day! Frugal and Easy May Baskets

It's May 1st! May Day! A time to surprise your neighbors, co-workers and friends with a tiny little basket of goodwill and Spring. Whether you have time to make little basket shaped cone-goodies like cream horns;

Or you purchase little plastic baskets from the dollar store or even use a tiny little plastic 'berry' basket from the grocery store with a pipe cleaner handle...

Or add some stickers, foam cut outs, ribbon or glitter to a plain paper bag;

Be sure to do something for May Day! Here are a couple SIMPLE and QUICK ideas for easy May Baskets I found on the internet since I didn't have time to make each style and take pictures of them myself. (The photos above were mine... but they are the only ones I had on my laptop files right now.)

The quickest and easiest May Day Basket EVER - a simple paper cone. A piece of paper twisted into a cone shape and either glued, taped or stapled. Use a paper plate, construction paper or decorated paper and then finish it off with a few stickers and a ribbon handle. Filled with flowers, popcorn or candy it's sure to please and oh-so-simple!

Another paper plate idea but it's not in a cone shape - and still just as quick and easy! One plate for the back of the basket and half a plate for the front. Stapled together and filled with goodies or paper flowers... add a ribbon or pipe cleaner handle and you're ready to ring and run!

Instruction Source

If you have a tiny bit of time, please try these! They are so cute and so fast and easy as well! Simply wrapping a piece of fabric and topping with pipe cleaners. So cute when filled with little yogurt covered almonds or jelly beans.

Instruction Source

Bring back May Day! Surprise your neighbors! Do a fun craft with your kids! Let's enjoy this first day of May.
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