My New Linen Parachute Shower Curtain

Ever since we put the new floor in the kids bathroom I've talked about getting the new shower curtain but of course it's far too easy to put it off and put it off... until you are forced to get it. Well, I'm being forced. This weekend we'll have a guest who will be showering in that bathroom so it was time to head to the store!

I first stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond as I had one of their 20% off coupons. I was trying to be as frugal as possible but all the sale/clearance shower curtains were either very ugly or if it was a wonderful style, it was the wrong color. In the end, after about an hour of debating (!) I decided on the parachute shower curtain in linen. The only problem? It was $40. The rings to hang it were $14.99. The toilet seat cover was another $15. Don't even get me started on the accessories... I spent another hour in that department as I just couldn't part with $60 for a trash can and $30 for a toothbrush holder!

In the end I had everything picked out. Shower curtain, rings, trash can, soap dish toothbrush holder and tissue cover. Total: $200.

Two hundred dollars. And that was buy everything on sale! The only thing 'full' price was a shower liner for $2.

I couldn't do it.

I just couldn't do it.

I put everything back (yes, after 2 hours... I put everything back!) I left to do my grocery shopping at Costco and Super Walmart instead.

While shopping at Walmart I walked through their bath department and what did I spy?

MY shower curtain.

For $19.96.

I bought decorator shower rings for $8.96 and the toilet lid cover for $8.96.

Shhhh! Nobody needs to know how much I didn't spend!
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