Shower Curtain Made From a Bath Towel

I mentioned in a previous post that I'm starting to redecorate my kids bathroom. The cost of shower curtains are sometimes insane ($75-$100 for a shower curtain?!) so one of the options I considered was making one myself.

It's a very simple idea and would be easy to do with some grommets and store bought rings or hooks, but I set out to find some 'ideas' on the internet. When I found these 'no sew' versions I thought it would be a great post for my readers that are looking for a simple 'almost no sew' curtain.

This shower curtain is made from bath sheets sewn together with a simple seam. Bath sheet sized towels are just the right size for a standard tub, and they don't need to be hemmed as they are approximately 70 inches long. You can find Martha's Link Here with instructions. Note that since they are absorbent bath towels you would want to make sure you hang a shower liner behind them (shower liners are $2-7 - very cheap) as you won't want to get these curtains wet.

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