Elderberry Syrup

I'm not sure I've heard anyone under the age of 60 say the word 'elderberry' in the last 10 years. Sadly, we 'younger generation' have lost so much information and helpful hints and stories that used to be handed down generation by generation by living in this busy world, by frequently moving across the country or even to a different country than our extended families and as don't live with or see our elders as much as they did 30 or 50 years ago. We also are more likely, as a generation, to reach for pharmaceuticals and store bought products because it's the only thing we know. Hence; we've lost a lot of great information and recipes as well.

So... Elderberry Syrup. A traditional treatment for coughs and colds.

2 1/2 cups strained elderberry liquid
1 c sugar
1/2 cinnamon stick

Wash fresh elderberries and remove the stalks. Place the berries in a large non-metallic, oven safe dish (stoneware is great) and cover and bake at 375 until the juices begin to run from the berries. Strain the juice to get 2 1/2 cups total. Place in a saucepan on the stove with the sugar and cinnamon.

Cover and bring to a slow boil until it thickens. Pour the syrup into a clean bottle (preferably sterilized by a hot water bath) and seal. Dilute with hot water for a tea or take a teaspoon as needed for cough.
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