Wax Dipped Pine Cones

Christmas may have passed this week but we still have 2-3 more months of winter ahead of us and our home decor can still embrace the snow and ice in a beautiful way!

Today's project is so simple, but really, so pretty. Dipped pine cones to look as though they have been frosted by mother nature herself with snow and ice crystals. In reality it's wax and glitter!

If you've never melted wax before, the main thing to remember is that it has to be melted in an old tin can (large soup can or tomato juice can, etc. set inside a pan filled 1/3 of the way with water. Put the pan of water over the stove over medium heat and as the water comes to a slow boil, and then a simmer, it will slowly melt the wax. Never melt wax over direct flame! (You'll get a fire.)


Candle wax
pine cones
wire or thick string
a dish or container of cold water
wax paper

Melt the wax in a container that is wide enough and deep enough to dip your pine cones. When the wax is melted, dip the pine cone with string or wire you have wrapped or tied loosely around the top. Dip and then place into the cold water bath to harden the wax. Dip a second time, and a second into the cold water. Dip a third or fourth if that is your preference, depending on how heavily 'frosted' you want your pine cones. When you are happy with the thickness of wax don't dip the last time in cold water. Instead lay the warm pine cone onto wax paper and sprinkle with glitter then let harden.

These pine cones look great in a wicker basket!
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