Use Ribbons to Decorate Candles

The Christmas holiday season is the perfect time of year to use as many candles in decorating as you desire. Sometimes you might have candles in front of you that just beg to be put out as decor but you aren't sure how.

Let's say you have tall candlesticks that would love to go into 7 candlestick holders on a formal dining table for an elegant dinner but... you don't have 7 candlestick holders and you have no plans to host a formal dinner.

Time to grab the ribbon!

By wrapping wired ribbon around a cluster of tall candles you can turn it into a 7 wick candle, placed in a pretty holder surrounded by baubles and beads... breathtaking. You must must however remember safety. Never let the candles burn down to the area where the ribbon wraps around the candles and never, ever leave the room while the candle is burning. Yes, I'm sure you learned that back in kindergarten but it never hurts to repeat it.

Using this same idea I spruced up a boring deep red candle I had on hand from a couple years back.

The candle is just a cheap dollar store special I'm sure, but I had a piece of ribbon that was too small to be of use in wrapping yet too pretty to throw away. The idea popped into my head to wrap it around a candle! I hot glued the seam on the other side, popped it into a candle holder, surrounded it with some greenery on a clear glass plate and it now sits in the corner of my kitchen behind the sink.

Got candles? Got ribbon? Get busy!
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