Paper Doily Candle Holder

Remember back in grade school when your first grade teacher could come up with 20 different ways to use a paper doily for arts and crafts time?

Well, time to head to the dollar store and buy a pack of 24 for a buck (and if you can't find gold or silver, then grab some gold spray paint while you are at it! ) Got beads? We'll throw some of those on too!

Originally when I saw this idea they used a plastic bouquet holder. This works great, but it costs more than the ten cent paper doily so I believe in taking short cuts where you can... and thus was born the doily.

First loosely fold your doily in half, then half again (don't fold it though) and make a cut with the scissors at the very end so that when you open it up you have a small opening to push your tall thin candle through.

Spray paint your paper doily's with a light coating of gold paint if you weren't able to find the gold colored doily's. As soon as it's dry to the touch use a tiny bottle of super glue or a good hot glue gun or even a little 'zot' (glue dots you can buy on a tape dispenser) and gather little pleats all around the paper doily, bending the center down and bringing the two sides together in a pinch.

Add beads, hanging beads or any other glass or shiny item to it or you can string beads on gold metal pins and using a needle nose pliers, bend the pin over to a hook to thread through the hole in the doily.

Place your candle through the doily and place it into the candle holder. If you don't make the center hole too large it should fit and balance just right around the base of the candle. Don't let your candle burn all the way down though as obviously paper is flammable.
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