Homemade Luminaries

Around this time of year luminaries are very popular. They are beautiful lit up in the snow outside, lining your walk way when you are hosting a dinner party or holiday get together. They are also precious on a mantel and with items you probably already have in your house or a quick (and cheap) trip to the local hardware store you have a quick and easy decor idea.

Using old jars of any shape and size, gather one, three, or as many as you want or need.

Paint the glass with a metallic gold or silver, or even metallic green or red paint. Spray paint works best and is fast and easy. Now, using a pin, nail, finger nail or any object really, scratch a design in the paint. Stars are easy and quick! You can also do snow flakes, circles, candy canes or tiny snowmen. Rub a little glue around the top edge and dip in gold or silver glitter to match your luminary.

Now just place a tea light candle inside. Wha-la! You have an instant luminary!