UPDATED: What Is Almond Bark?


You want to make candy coated pretzels, dipped chocolates, homemade truffles, etc. but are lost when you read a recipe that calls for something called 'almond bark'.

What is almond bark?  

No, almond bark has no almonds.
No, it has no nuts at all.
No, it's not the finished confection you buy in a candy shop with bits of nuts or candy in it.
No, it is not bakers chocolate, unsweetened chocolate or anything similar to those.

Yes it is in your grocery store.
Yes it is near the chocolate chips - usually on a bottom rack.
Yes it comes in chocolate flavor or vanilla
Yes it comes in large blocks that you either cut apart with a large knife or bang on the counter top to break apart. (Much much larger than tiny baker's chocolate blocks.)

It is simply a candy coating confection you can use to make Almond Bark, or dip pretzels, crackers, potato chips and more.

Ingredients List straight from the package;

Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil
Whey (milk)
Soy Lecithin
Artificial color
Artificial flavor

If you cannot find it YES you can use other substitutions.
  • White Chocolate 
  • Vanilla Chips - right by the chocolate chips in the baking aisle
  • Vanilla (white) or chocolate (brown) melting disks in the candy aisle of Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics, etc.
    These options just cost a little more because they come in smaller packages but are perfectly acceptable. 

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