Attempting a Slip Cover for a Boat Seat!

Boy am I going to have my work cut out for me on this one!

I'm letting you see this project before I even start. A couple weeks ago my FIL gave us his old boat. When I say old, it's both descriptive and accurate. A 1973 Starcraft that is in good shape but just needs a little work (and a new wind shield if any readers have one to offer for free!).

We've replaced the carpet, painted the inside of the boat, painted the boxes that serve as the base for the seats... and now the seats. Oh, the seats.

Instead of paying $50 for a new seat I'm going to attempt to make fitted seat covers for them.... on a budget.

I started by getting large pieces of paper and laying a piece of paper over each side of the chair and drawing around the shape. I have one for the front, back, top, each side, and the bottom and sides. Following the edges and adding about 3/4 around each side for the seam, I hope to sew pieces together to make a fitted cover.

The pattern of course cost $0.
I priced material at JoAnn Fabrics this past weekend and found the perfect material... except it's not in the weather resistant section so I couldn't purchase it. It would fade terribly as it's a heavy weight house decor fabric but not made for direct sun.

The choices for weather resistant fabric were sparse. About 5 to choose from, including patterns with beach umbrella's, flip flops and summer drinks. Uh, no. The best I could do with what they had to offer was a striped pattern in blues, greens and yellows. Not too bad, I can live with it. But I couldn't live with the cost.

I left empty-handed.

The next day I received my monthly email from being on JoAnn's emailing list and there was the 50% coupon I needed for 1 cut of fabric... as long as it's not on sale. (And it wasn't). I hope to find the extra cash in the budget to purchase the fabric within the next week or two. I'll keep you posted on how this little endeavor turns out!
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